In 2017 St. Thomas began to discuss repairs that needed to be done to our 162 year old church.  Nancy Boatwright began the search for Restoration Architects, structural engineers and other contractors to look the property over and estimate the money and time for the project.

After many months of negotiation and fund raising the Restoration of St. Thomas Episcopal Church began in June of 2020.

Follow our progress from start to finish through these photos.

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As you can see there have been lots of progress made on our restoration project.  Mostly it has gone very smoothly with the exception of a couple of surprises.  We were able to meet all challenges and we are finally nearing completion of the work.

The enterior looks amazing and I'll be adding those pictures very soon.  The outside is looking like it is about ready for some new plants.  

Our beautiful and precious little old church feels and looks so happy and grateful for the love that has been given to it.  I know that all of us who call St. Thomas our church home will be so glad when we can once again hold services there.