In 2017 St. Thomas began to discuss repairs that needed to be done to our 162 year old church.  Nancy Boatwright began the search for Restoration Architects, structural engineers and other contractors to look the property over and estimate the money and time for the project.

After many months of negotiation and fund raising the Restoration of St. Thomas Episcopal Church began in June of 2020.

Follow our progress from start to finish through these photos.

The repointing is progressing but taking longer than expected. I appreciate that they're taking their time and being careful not to damage the old, soft brick.

The buttress at the northwest corner has not been repaired yet but will be repaired with reclaimed brick that will be matched as best as possible. 

The mortar joints will probably be a little thick when the new brick is placed because it will be hard to meet the bricks above and keep the same joint thickness.

The "musket gray" flashing above the roof at the front door is installed and I think it looks really good. It's hard to tell what the final will look like because they're still working on the repointing and there is a protective covering on the new roof.

The copper cricket flashing is mostly in on the buttresses but will need some final touches once the repointing is complete.

I'll need some guidance on if we want the fascia on the east side of the church to match the west side. The west side has some round trim that looks more finished but there is none on the east side. The contractor was speculating about how to reproduce what's on the west side but I suggested that he use some easily available trim that looks similar to the west side rather than trying to exactly duplicate it. It's not possible to see both sides at once so it's not likely to be noticeable. He's going to get back to me with the cost to add the trim and I'll let you know what that is.

The concrete removal and French drain will come later.

All of the pews are pushed away from the walls and the ends are covered. 
The piano was being covered, too, while I was there.

Thanks to Paul, the organ has been moved out of the way in preparation of working on the plaster walls in that location.

The contractor moved the marble cross into the sacristy for safe keeping.

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